Recensioner av "Characters" (footprint records 2014)


En omruskande portal till ett nöjesfält av svindlande berg- och dalbanor, snurrande karuseller, nybonade dansgolv och stilla promenader … De tretton medlemmarna i Karlsson Barock, under ledning av cembalisten Göran Karlsson, kan mycket väl ha gjort årets barockplatta."

Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter. Betyg: 5 av 5

"...but what comes over most strongly here is their open-hearted and infectious brightness. Karlsson has some ear-catching ideas of his own too: an unusually placed accent here or a skilfully handled transition there ... ensure that his own character has a place alongside those of the composers in the overall success of this disc. Nice to meet you sir!"

(Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone, August 2014)

"Far from a 'usual suspects' baroque programme, this recently formed Swedish ensemble presents a fascinating journey: two of Corelli’s op6 concerti grossi rub shoulders with Telemann and Vivaldi, dance music by Rebel, and Charles Avison’s take on Scarlatti. Playing is energetic and exciting throughout on this generous and well-recorded disc." (Classical Music August 2014, 5of 5)